Meet Marco Colantonio


“I am running to serve the people of West Hollywood to ensure the City equitably works to improve the quality of life for all residents, workers, and visitors.

Special Interest Groups control our current City Council. These are real estate developers, unions, and other big-money donors who heap massive amounts of money into the Campaign Election funds and pet projects of those members whose vote they seek to influence.

It’s time to remember why we campaigned for “change,” voted for “term limits,” fought for sensible development, and advocated for saving cultural resources like Plummer Park’s Great Hall/Long Hall. We’ve paused the conversation for too long, and it’s time to press the reset button and return the focus to issues that affect our daily lives.

I’m not a professional politician, so I don’t bring any political baggage or bias, nor have I curried the favor of special interests by accepting their donations. We need independent leadership, an aggressive plan for small business recovery, improved public safety and health measures as West Hollywood begins to rebuild and re-open our economy left devastated by the pandemic and the struggle for social justice. Now is the time for empathy, not elitism, and a City Council that works “for the people, for a change.” 


Marco Colantonio moved to West Hollywood and into a Rent Stabilized Studio at 1215 N. Harper Avenue 15 years ago, shortly after coming out as an openly gay man. Marco works as Residential Project and Property Manager overseeing 5 properties in West Hollywood and lives on Hacienda Place.

As a licensed local Realtor and General Contractor, Marco has a comprehensive knowledge of Building and Safety Codes and as a long time renter, he is well versed in the application and nuances of the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinances.

A compassionate Community Activist at his core, Marco has advocated for renter’s rights, pedestrian safety issues, and initiatives to help seniors and people with disabilities stay healthy and safe in their homes. Marco has served on numerous subcommittees exploring Aging in Place solutions. He has worked closely with West Hollywood Social and Comprehensive Services staff members, Housing and Rent Stabilization departments, Code Compliance, Building Planning and Safety officers, and our West Hollywood Sheriff’s to improve the quality of life of his neighbors and WeHo residents.

Marco was appointed unanimously by City Council to the West Hollywood Disabilities Advisory Board in 2013 and served as its’ Vice-Chair. 

After leaving the Disabilities Advisory Board and with a sincere desire to serve, inform and engage the West Hollywood community, Marco founded WeHo Times, the first news outlet to investigate and disclose the story of 27- year old Gemmel Moore, the first black male found dead of a drug overdose in the West Hollywood apartment of the prominent political donor, Ed Buck. As the publisher of WeHo Times, Marco was recognized for outstanding leadership and community service by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Senator Ben Allen, County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and Assemblymember Richard Bloom. 

For his service as a Founding Committee Member for the 2017 #Resist March, Marco was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the City of Los Angeles and recognized by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell for “exemplary efforts and accomplishments which have helped to further the common goal of making our city a better place in which to live.”

Marco brings to City Council a fresh perspective, unbridled enthusiasm, and skill set as a business leader and community activist. He has hands-on experience working with West Hollywood City Hall and government and a passionate commitment to serving the people of the City he loves.